Isle au Haut, Maine “You can't get there from here” is a common phrase in Maine. And for hidden locales like Isle au Haut that want to remain secret, that's a good thing. Located 17 miles off Maine's rocky coast, the Penobscot Bay retreat is a quiet place to land, a place where more than half of the island (about 2,700 acres) is protected as part of Acadia National Park. James Kaiser, author of Acadia: The Complete Guide, says, “Thanks to its … more The Azores, Portugal Isolated in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Azores, a Portuguese island chain unknown to most Americans, feels remote but is actually closer to the U.S. than any other point in Europe. Each of the nine volcanic islands—from main island Sao Miguel to the tiny isle of Corvo (population: about 400)—exudes a distinct character. But all of the islands are rooted in Old World charm and offer plenty of ways to experience local culture… more San Andres, Colombia Want old-school Caribbean without all the resorts and glamour? Then San Andres might be for you. Part of an island chain in the Caribbean Sea about 435 miles from the Colombian mainland, San Andres boasts a rich native Raizal culture with English, Dutch, African, and Spanish influences. Locals, especially in the small village of La Loma, still converse in Creole and maintain traditions such as making handicrafts from coconut … more Summer Isles, Scotland A cafe. A post office. And a handful of snug holiday cottages. What more do you need when you truly want to get away? In the Summer Isles, a little-known archipelago of mostly deserted islands in the Scottish Highlands, crowds and modern life are out and rugged coastlines and pristine beaches are in. The largest and only inhabited isle, Tanera Mor, offers the only bit of civilization while still feeling remote. The isle … more Chiloe, Chile The Chilean archipelago of Chiloe, near Puerto Montt at the northern edge of Patagonia, beckons with misty landscapes and ancient lore. Local Chilotes, known for their hospitality, will stir your imagination with tales of witches and ghost ships. The biggest island, Isla Grande de Chiloe, is home to seaside villages lined with colorful palafitos, wooden houses on stilts, and dozens of shingledchurches. And although Charles Darwin… more Lord Howe Island, Australia With no cell-phone reception and a 15-mile-per-hour speed limit (for the few allowed cars), Lord Howe Island, off the eastern coast of New South Wales, epitomizes island time in Australia. It's a short bike ride across this seven-mile-long island, so you'll have plenty of time for snorkeling at Erscott's Hole or hand-feeding large fish at Ned's Beach. The isolated volcanic island is located at the crossroads of five … more Ibo Island, Mozambique Arab trading posts. Portuguese fortifications. Pirates and prisoners. Intrigued yet? Ibo Island in northern Mozambique may have a storied past, but it is still largely undiscovered by much of the modern world. Part of the Quirimbas Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the island shifted from Arab to Portuguese rule until Mozambique gained independence in 1975. Arab influences are still evident in dhows (handmade wooden … more Juist, East Frisian Islands, Germany When thinking about islands, Germany rarely comes to mind. However, once discovered, Juist in the North Sea sparks the imagination. The narrow island known as Towerland, or “magic land,” is the longest of the East Frisian Islands at 10.5 miles and is part of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage site. At only 2,000 years old, Juist is young, geologically speaking, and remains largely untouched. It wants to stay… more The Corn Islands, Nicaragua

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The Corn Islands, Nicaragua

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